Monday, July 5, 2010

Case of the Mondays!

Got a case of the Mondays as you trudge your butt around the office this fine summer day? Well feast your eyes on an outfit that will make you excited to go into work. Just simple, stripe-y shirt with awesome shoulder appliques, pencil skirt, and a pair of comfy black heels but WAIT what's this? This girl LOVES her accessories....taking a swarovski necklace and turning it into a cool anklet and layering awesome bracelets help to set this outfit apart from your regular worker bee humdrum. Stripe-y shirt girl whom we spotted out outside of are the sunlight of our boring monday!
Shirt: Pimkie
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelets: Green Bracelet from Pearl in Saifi Village (best little jewelry store in Beirut!). Studded Bracelet; Kitson. Blue Bracelet; Barney's. Envelope Bracelet; gift from best friend eva.
Anklet: Swarovski Necklace


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