Thursday, April 7, 2011


Gosh Darnit! We love us some INNOVATION people. We love us some crusader's of personal style that are instigator's of fashion not followers! Peeps like this make the trends!

Girl you seriously made our day! This is what this beautiful lady had to say about her SMASHING look

"Here is my look! I wear 7ijab but I'm capitalizing on the turban trend by wearing it as such! It's a fun way to keep my hair covered. I've also chosen to wear a man's dress shirt as a skirt ala Dsquared! I hope this makes the cut! " (IT SO HAS GIRLIE!!)

Striped Dress: H&M
Men's Dress as Skirt: GAP
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: BCBG
7ijab: Jam3eyat Faiha, wrapped myself


  1. YeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaY!!!! ur back!!!! missed u!

  2. I just think it looks a little too messy .. Although I did like that t-shirt as skirt/dress trend a few years ago but never got around to sporting it ..