Thursday, May 6, 2010

International Colors Of J

Spotted this beautiful lady at Pechakucha yesterday! What an insanely beautiful meeting it was, she is a gorgeous young french (and globetrotting) designer working for a local brand in Kuwait. Everything from her red lipstick, to her coiffed blunt bangs, to her vintage lunch box screamed "HIGHSTREETq8 ME NOW" (or at least it did in my head...a lot of screaming goes on in there).
All her purchases are completely no name brands bought from either Thailand (dress + jacket) to her bag which she clutched at lovingly and sighed "Antwerp" when asked of it's origins. In a sea of beautifully dressed fashionistas this is one of the girls who really stood out for us.
Stay tuned for more AMAZING highstreetq8 photo shoot time snaps from last night...including a stylin' 8 year old, an oum Kalthoum clutch and a boy with monkey on his shirt.


  1. u serious?????? this is a no-no...., not unless she's jap....whoah!

  2. Dear Anon,

    We are very serious. She looked adorable! And she is a Jap in spirit.

    Have a great hair day!