Monday, May 3, 2010

Party Hardy!

We spotted this Little Hani hottie creation at a recent Karaoke night thrown by a friend (nothing says self expression like belting out Queen in Marni shoes methinks).
We think this outfit is perfecto, love her jewelry and are obsessed with the shoes...we think it is a very bold pairing with the pants...and as you all know, we really appreciate getting shown different ways to do things! Good job lovely lady!
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Marni
Key Ring: Closet Candy
Ring: Vintage
Belt: Stolen from her dad (loooooooveeee, wow...your dad must have a pretty trim bod girl)


  1. Yay i have the same house of harlow ring but mine's too big :(

  2. inzain laish il zigayer? sh'hal halaga?

  3. anonymous- 1/2 the girls in kuwait smoke...3adyyyyyyyyyy! but what do u think of her style?

  4. excuse me ? 3adyyyyy?!! im a med student i can damn well tell u its not 3adyyyyyy its stupid and tht was a stupid comment to make
    1/2 of the girls ha? gr8 while the rest of the world's moving forward and all r showing smoking for what a shity habit it is , we are moving backwards . what a mighty FABulous country we're living in

  5. Dear Med Student...
    This is Highstreetq8's sister...I posted the comment above about smoking being aady. but I was logged on to her computer when I did.
    This is not the opinion of highstreet.

  6. Medical Student and Readers:

    Highstreetq8 thinks smoking is a terrible habit, although we partake in smoking as well. We are not condoning smoking of any kind...however we are just a street style fashion blog, and sometimes people smoke.

    We apologise for offending anyone.

    Have a great day!

  7. is it true that half q8ty grls somek !! i cant belaive that
    as a monther of a younger grl this is really scary

  8. hmm - smoking affects the health, not morals/ethics. keefhum, 3adee, they wanna smoke then let them light up. now can you girls please tell me how i can order from asos? according to them they won't ship to aramex :// maleet with them having to cancel my orders =(

  9. Dear Anon,

    WE are looking into your question and will have an answer for you by tommorow. Thank you and have a great night!

  10. love the style ! and the rings to die for