Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Highstreetq8 Does Pechakucha!

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your support and love since the start of Highstreetq8 these last two months! We are very proud of what we are doing, as we are about our mission statement. We are not here to dictate fashion, or trends although we may comment on them and voice our personal preferences. Our blog is about people, and self expression, the freedom of wearing three quarter pants, and the genuine personality in mixing a grey tshirt with a brocade skirt. We love everyone's personal style as long as it is honest and real and a extension of who they are as a person.
We are trying to start a revolution here, and we know this may seem a bit dramatic considering we take pictures of nothing more then fabric all day. But we believe it is a first step in bettering the society we live in, opening up our minds to things that are new and different, and hence beautiful. We want to fill your day with beauty and inspiration, even if does not fit in with what you may or may not deem "fashionable". Please come in and see us talk at Pechakucha Kuwait #5 tomorrow! We will be dressed up in lovely clothes from a new Kuwaiti boutique called N BOUTIQUE. We will also be posting pictures up later today of our outfit to get some feedback because we are MUCHO nervous about presenting on Self expression via street style and looking terrib-lay.
Thank you again for your love, positivity, honesty and opinions.



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