Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So we are presenting at Pechakucha...we needed to find a cool outfit, and though we normally hit high street proper for almost all of our non-wedding related functions, we figured why not check out one of the kuwaiti boutiques stocking up on awesome brands! Enter N Boutique, so cute and adorable. Let us lay it on you...
H Williams bird cage inspired black patent leather heels are so f'ing hot and comfortable we almost HONESTLY ran away with them.
Other than that, their stuff is light airy, and not to hard on the wallet. Her boutique houses very simple silhouettes with awesome details and the greatest fabrics. The store owner is an absolute DOLL by the way and was so very helpful and passionate about what she is doing with her store.
Navy Blue Dress: Rachel Comey
Wtshirt dress and colorful print dress: Dress Gallery
Shoes: H Williams. (we can't decide between black or gold...suggestions?)
P.S if you want to check out N Boutique here is there number (+965) 9931-7658 or 9902-9885.


  1. LOVE this stuff! Want to check out her store, thanks for the head up.
    gr8 shoes!

  2. love the outfits! where is this place located?

  3. Dear M
    N boutique is located in Villa Darat AlZuhur in Maidan Hawally, uhoud street (off Jabir Bin Hayan) in villa number 9. Call the numbers for better directions and also, SO worth the drive..awesome stuff and a really cute store next door that sells vintage and kids clothes!
    Happy shopping!

  4. i want the bubble skirt ....
    too bad i live in the states..