Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Oum Kalthoum

When we approached this lovely lady about her outfit she said, "Something borrowed, something blue, something old and this bag is new!" CUTIES!
Absolutely perfect outfit for the event (Pechakucha), very simple and yet very personal. We love how quirky her bag is against the sort of preppy simplicity of her outfit. Unfortunately she was not able to recall brand names, and we really didnt want to look down her pants for the tag. Yet almost everything she has on is either vintage or 10-15 years old. We think it is so admirable and cool when one can shop for key pieces that still look fresh and fashionable a decade after one buys them. This is the benefit of cultivating personal style, and a quality only the BEST of shoppers have.
Oh and need we talk about the bag?
YES WE DO. We are in BAG ENVY CENTRAL! Green haired Oum ours. Forever.
Bag: Sara's Bags (amazing lebanese brand for those of you who are internationals check her stuff out!)
Belt: Salvador Ferragamo

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