Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pencil Skirt Chic

A beautiful simple combination that can take you from office to gathering or a night out so easily. Attention in the details always! The amazing folds in the skirt (as pointed out by Lady B) and the intricacies of the scarf, mixed with the feisty-ness of the shoe creates a very understated sexiness. We love how Lady B always roughens up her look, in this case via a white wife beater! Domo arrigatto Lady B!!!
Skirt: Todd Lynn
Shirt: American Apparel
Scarf: Vintage Moschino (circa 90's)
Shoes: Louboutins, NATURALLY.


  1. Pretty scarf. FYI vintage is anything over 20 years old. So at 2010, any fashion item made in 1990 and before is considered vintage. Anything after that is just old.
    Love your blog btw

  2. LOL!
    Thank you so much anon for the clarification and the love....
    Send us pictures sometime!
    Have a great hair day!

  3. its very cute but shisalfa laish no9 il banat gamaw yalbeson 7afar?

  4. 3shan il jauw 7AR!