Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Casual

This look just SCREAMS casual cool for men. A very well tailored shirt, paired with a casual linen pant is just lovely, light and a perfect combo that beats the tshirt and jeans trap most men fall into. Match it with a pair of butt-kickingly cool Naydeyas (for our international readers, these are traditional hand-made slippers that have enjoyed a re-surfacing into our local fashion vernacular a few years back and are still going strong!) and you are a match made in brunch heaven!
Shirt: Henri Lloyd
Pants: Topman
Shoes: Naydeyas from Mubarikiya (our favorite local souq/open air market)


  1. Nothing personal... but that shirt is anything but well tailored, and the pants are that stupid 3/4 length that seems to have plagued this region and refuses to die. No self-respecting man with any pretensions of style would be caught dead wearing them!

    The choice for any man is to wear shorts above the knee, or full-length pants... this in-between shit has got to stop!

    And for those outside Kuwait, Naydeya is actually Najdiah... from Najd (or Nayd as we call it)


  2. And thanks for the clarification on the Najdedyah! So the shoe originated in Saudi?