Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hijab in the City

A fashionable Muhajaba* working in london proves that you can be a devout Muslim and a fashionista at the same time! A few months ago, we blogged about a an amazing friend of ours who happens to be both religious and a huge George Michal fan, which resulted in the coolest prayer thoub (moo moo-esque dress with attached head cover used whilst praying) we have EVER SEEN. Again, here is a lovely reader who has taken wearing the Hijab (traditional head scarf) as a very serious and spiritual step in her life, but has not let it rob her of the simple pleasure of expressing herself through fashion! As a PR & CSR specialist working in London, this Saudi woman makes us so proud, in so many ways! She get's compliments from people on the street that ask her what she's wearing! Back of peeps on the street, this spiritual fashion guru is OURS! :)

Jacket: Christian Lacroix
Shirt: Zara
Vest: Topshop
Watch: Versace Vintage
Pants: River Island

Jacket: Random Store In Kuwait
Glasses: Zara
Shirt: Topshop

Jacket: Jonathan Saunders
Belt: Escada Vintage
Necklace: Topshop
Watch: Versace
Ring: Topshop

Accessories: Alexander McQueen

* Top pictures:
Bag: Moschino
Jacket and Belt: City Plaza
Vest and Romper: TopShop
Necklace: TopShop
**Woman who uses Hijab, or the religious head cover.


  1. Gorgeous mashallah! and i know that they're not that expensive as i know the stores for some of her clothes.

  2. wow really now??? you can be a mohajaba and a fashionista??? Wait isn't the whole point of wearing the hijab is to look modest and not wear flashy colors, make up, stilletos ..etc. Those girls are obviously picking and choosing what they think is modest!!!!

    We should call them " Mohajababes", I see them in Kuwait malls thinking they are the shit but frankly I don't think covering your hair is going to let the Gulfy boys turn their heads away.... so mohajababes when you park your cars in malls, roll down your windows ladies cause you gonna get a lot of numbers...Good for you ;)

    Last but not least Lady Highstreetq8, for you to call them " devout muslims", hijab nowadays has nothing to do with their religious beliefs, it's whats fashionable in kuwait! It's so unfortunate, cause I remember the day when women used to burn their Abayas and i assure you most of these girls mothers in these photographers never wore it when they were at their age and now it's all very different. viva mohajababes!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks all for your comments!
    Dear Anon#2,

    Now in this case, we are featuring an individual...and although we appreciate and agree with some of your comments, we think it is unfair to attack this particulr lady. She is living in London (so no marina mall for her :) ,IS spirtual and devout, and lasly she is a serious working woman, with goals and aspirations. We don't think her fashion sense is risque we think it's modest, no heels, no tight clothing. We know the girls you are talking about and we TOTALLY agree. We never feature them because it is a little freaky to see skin tight leggings and a midriff top paired with a "religious" statement.
    Again, we are not a political blog, we just like to appreciate different fashion sensiblities and this is one of them done very well. We think we can all agree there is nothing wrong with that...
    Have a great hair day!

  4. Again, this is our personal opinion what do you all think? Is it contradictory to be fashionable and don the hijab?

  5. YES ofcourse you can! yani fee shay isma, being conservative and fashionable. Even monks in India and China even they wear anklets or put flowers in their hair to become more individual. fa adi, as long as its not skin tight and sexy.

  6. no! fashion is not necessarily stripping! there's a difference. flashy colors are choices! tight clothes are a different story.
    you can be stylish and conservative.

  7. Yay, I'm famous!
    Hellz yeah!
    Mabrook il website :)
    -Thoub Girl :D

  8. maskeena libnaya ele besewar, shfeeha? kahi labsa hdom o metsatra

  9. Sorry : Hijab It more than scarf !!
    Hijab has a special meaning .. not just covering hair !!
    Ok she looks waw but she is not really muhajabh !!

  10. I think she has a great sense of style, but shes over doing it. Flashy colors aren't very professional, even if she was just out shopping, its still too much.
    Wide belts and chained necklaces together is just a mess. She obviously dresses to grab attention which is totally fine, and I bet you shes single. And besides are you sure shes muhajaba? because from the picture her whole neck is showing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hijabi myself but I do know covering your neck is a must. Considering shes Saudi and belongs to the Khaleeji culture, the way shes dressed is totally fine, it represents the khaleeji taste. I wish she'd tone it down a bit, she'll look classier. Thanks high street q8 for your wonderful posts.

  11. Women in Eygpt do it all the time, they show there neck! Tehre is always a debate, you can show your neck but you cant show your elbows, but you can show yoru wrists. To each his own! The point is I THINK she looks AMAZING! You can be muhaba and wear abaya, or you can be muhajaba who is fashionable....!!!! Don't be hypocrites saying you belive in freedom and then tell this girl she can't practice religion how she wants!

  12. The Girl in the postSeptember 30, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    Thank you all for the negative and positive comments!

  13. looove the Christian Lacroix jacket,amazing!
    and I think she looks fab and conservative!

  14. The belt and chained necklace is definitely NOT a mess .. whoever negatively commented, just shut up. Malkom sh'3l bel bnt .. kaifha .. intaw shako?! Wai3 legafa o mo 3ajebkom shai bidinya .. yuba 5aloha kaifha .. Law taboon t3alqoon 3alqaw 3al kwaitiyat ili ege6oon 7jabat-hom aw yet7ajebon qa9b o ba3d sintain ege6oona .. hathi 3aisha eb london, where a met7ajba won't feel 100% comfortable .. so zain minha ina she's still met7ajba hnak .. i bet your cousin/best friend/sister etge6 7jabha when there aren't any kuwaities around .. fa leave the negative comments to yourselves wai3 theba7toona negativity! hefftt!!

  15. her style is gorgeous! and there is absolutelyyyy nothing wrong with looking stylish in 7ijab !!

  16. I can't deny her sense of style is beyond amazing!
    She has a distinctive taste and a unique style and seems to carry herself wonderfully!
    You can be a Muhajaba and still dress up nicely doesn't mean you have to be mhatmela and doesn't care " ان الله يحب أن يرى أثر نعمته على عبده"
    Second, there's a point I MUST highlight yeah i'm totally against showing the neck for a muhajaba it's a no no as "Elna7er" is a must for a muhajaba to cover but I'm seeing lots of girls do it, dunno why though? :/
    and wearing 3/4 sleeves top goes under the same category as well..

    I hope I made my point clear, o 3sany ma6awlt ;)

  17. this is a response to the person that said she's not dressed appropriately for work- Ive worked in london- u aint seen cleavage in suits until uve worked in corp london, she looks super professional and elegant, and completely conservative! And don't forgets its not like she's an investment banker, she works in PR! Thats the name of that game- to look trendy, and make a statement. Girl- rock on! 7ijab or no 7ijab- ur smokin!

  18. i wish she could help me dress up for hijab cuz i find it extreeamly difficult almost imposible to make my slef look half nice, mashallah mashallah mashallah she is very stylish & im proud she wears hijab, about her neck showing there is no need to attack her,, inshallah she will upgrade her hijab there is no reason to judge people

  19. wow! Thank you highstreetq8 for the post! It made me want to wear the hijab and from yesterday I wear hijab. 3alaich bel 3afia..... My mother is very habby

  20. Anon...
    WOW! That is insane,God bless you!
    To all:
    Thank you so much for your feedback, you have no idea how happy we are to get such a great discussion and for the most part very constructive comments.
    Have a positively amazing hair day!