Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"We hear the secrets that you keep"

Highstreetq8 got our first confession from a hottie potatie fan:

"So I have a confession to make, did you know that I am a collector of 70's and 80's rock tour vintage t-shirts. Ya like the way guys in Kuwait collect sport's cars"

To all our die hard rock fans, or just our lady fans looking out for a guy with a passion for scourging portobello market on rainy afternoons in search for his latest vintage finds we introduce ROCKIN HOTTIE

AAAAAh the quintessential 80's pose! Highstreetq8 liked to practice this in our doorway with our poofy skirt and scrunchie'd hair when we were um (dont age yourself, dont age yourself...ack your going to age your self) 9.

You give muscle shirts a good name rockin hottie.

Lame highstreetq8 quip: This shirt wins by a LANDSLIDE.

This is not the year we were born, because we are NOT 27....and even if we were SO WHAT? True we don't really have a great career, or a husband or tonnes of cash lying around...but we have you all right?


  1. Tshirts r soooo hot-I'm jealous. Ps thx high street for the eye candy lol

  2. Why are you so slow in posting new stuff!!!

    you need to nourish your blog!!!

  3. Dear anon #1 Your welcome!
    Dear anon #2 sniff sniff, we know...we try our best but some days are slower then others and we dont want to just post ANYTHING. Send us some pics!