Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Eid Eid!

AAAAH Eid. Lalalalala EID (for all our non-muslim readers, Eid Al Fi6ir comes after the one long month of Ramadhan...). If we were to be part of a film montage of the first day of Eid it would look something like this: Our eyes popping open to greet glorious sunshine and a nice uptempo Clap Your Hands Say Yeah song, as a parade of starbucks employees pipe hot coffee down our throats and we tra la la out of bed to open our shining gleaming brunch wear closet (dont judge us, YES we have a brunch wear closet...), as we tear off tags from our new Eid purchases, slip on some amazing shoes, shove our dara3at moomoo's that have enabled us to gain atleast 5 kilos without realizing down to the depths of our fat closet (unfortunetly...yes we have one of those too) as we dance around to the wafting smell of waffles and pancakes and then and then...
the record screeches to a halt as we realize we are old , and now must give some cousin-y brats eidiya money.

No comment...really:

We want this man's shoe collection...and closet actually!
Matthem Williamson Dress Detail...
Vintage Ostrich Skin Shoes, apparently an heirloom peice from this dishdasha sporting hottie!

YSL >sigh< If there is anything as sexy and as practical as a patent leather black heel, let us know.

Love you all you fab fab fab followers you!


  1. EiiiDiCh embaaaaRk =D lovely post =D

  2. Umbay miskeena ili m9awra pic #1, WAAYEDDD hailigiya!! Bas a7es she really is trying, poor thing. But yay for u for posting it!

  3. Dear Kweeny,

    Thank you! And Eidich Mubarek..
    p.s where's our Eidiya...

    Dear Anon,

    LOOOL....hence our "no comment", comment.
    To each his own we suppose.
    Love you both and wishing you not a good, but GREAT hair day!