Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode to theWeekend

Weekend Street Style
Aww Weekend, the way you keep us waiting all week and when you finally get here you flutter your little free bird wings twice and poof away leaving us dazed trying to find a way out of Sunday traffic. Your cute, weekend...super cute, but not as cute as these two ADORABLE girls we spotted in front of Vision Express at the Avenues just you know looking GORGEOUS!

A note about acceptable clothing in Kuwait, these two dresses are perfect PERFECT for almost any daytime outing, because they are knee length-ish, loose and not sleevless. Yes I know, we all say we don't CARE , and we can wear whatever we want...but really sometimes you can do without the extra haressment and want throw on a sensible yet cute dress like these two ladies:
Dress: Coco Ribbon
Necklace: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Zara (amazing shoes)
P.S I think light pink and grey are such an amazing color combo.
Dress: Uterque (we love this brand!)
Shoes: Chanel


  1. I love the cool pastel colors

  2. For you and me those dresses aren't short, but the other morning I was wearing a dress that length at the avenues and my legs got a death stare from some lady.

    But beautiful colors and dresses in the pics above!

    And seriously, please do not disappear for so long again!