Thursday, September 23, 2010

We almost NEVA-EVA

We almost neva-eva post what we are wearing...but we really love our casual Thursday's look...we also love clogs, shirts with Karl Lagerfeld on them, and blazers that make us look thinner then we are. Also...we love two or three finger rings, because they make typing near impossible...hence providing us with an extra "work day" challange. But we figured...since so many of you put yourselves out there for us...we shall share as well! Hope you love it as much as we love you!

Shirt: Rando L.A purchase
Jeans: All Saints
Ring: LA boutique
Snake buckle belt: Mango
Studded Clogs: Repo
Blazer: Massimo Dutti
Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs


  1. Love the shirt, but cannot see the bag :(
    It's a Marc, so I know I like it!

  2. Hello Mr/Miss/Mrs. Lights:
    I know I was feeling blah-tastic on my rounds to check out the resto's for my job at Avenues. So I got a co worker to snap super quick...but here is the link to the bag

    Mine's purple!
    Have a great hairday ALL Weekend long!

  3. Loved ur earnings the most...even though they aren't visible to others ;-)

  4. Dear "anon",

    You mean earrings right? Or earnings as in the wads and wads of cash I am NOT making at work? Lol...
    aww thanks anon...we think we know who you are.

  5. LOL "workday challenge"