Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dubai hottie

So running around the globe, loads of things came to our attention. (how much we've missed you all was def in the forefront NATURALLY). But we played games like, how many people can we count on the street wearing stripe-y ANYTHING with boyfriend jeans? Or, why in the world with the freedom to wear anything you want (which we do not enjoy in Kuwait) would you be wearing something so dismally boring? We also realized that as far as ethnicity's go, we almost always stopped Londonites, Parisians and Asians.
Like this lovely Parisian lady, who for the most part looks like she is wearing a pretty regular outfit, but we love her gingham shoes (which she RE-worked, switching the straps around to make for a more comfortable wear), he simple dress and lovely vintage necklace.
Dress: Vintage Store Paris
Belt: Copenhagen
Necklace: Bricklane Flea Market
Bag: MOMA museum bag.
Shoes: Morgan


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