Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bluer then Velvet Were Her Eyes*

One thing we are going to miss from AW11 is the amazing things done with crushed velvet this season. Such a luxe beautiful fabric, and come on, one cant HELP but notice how nice it feels to run your fingers across your velvet blazer. Best paired with lace in our opinion as seen on this lovely fashionista. If you feel it is too late to partake in the velvet bandwagon why not go with a crushed velvet turban or velvet leggings paired with a basic tee and blazer for SS11?

Be careful though, nothing looks worse than cheaply manufactured velvet, and though many highstreet retailers are doing a pretty good job take a look at your item first. If it collects to much lint, if it has any indented streaks, or if it looks like it may fit better on a curtain rod then your hips ditch the piece all together.

Top: H&M
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Topshop
Purse: Chanel

*ok ok we know this particular pic features burgundy velvet but we couldn’t pass up the chance to quote this beautiful Tony Bennet song. So, ya, THERE. :)


  1. velvet leggings! i love!!

    Where can i get em from

  2. 7aneen....
    you can get velvet leggings at Topshop and at
    Also there is a store called Melange at 360 mall that sells really cool velvet leggings with zippers on the side. And they are on sale.
    happy shopping