Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Weather Leather*

A fellow highstreet-er and I had a 20 minute long coversation on how to pull of a leather pencil skirt to work. TA-DAA this is how it is done lovies!

It honestly takes a lot of class and an eye for piecing things together to avoid looking like an extra on "Naughty Secretaries Gone Wild" when you wear a leather pencil skirt . This outfit is sophisticated, multilayered and so insanely cool. It's spot on and trendy without looking cliché. We love how people manage to pull of trends like leather, animal print and studs in one outfit and still come out looking unique and special.

Good Job, you little angel puff of high street fashion you.

Shirt: ASOS
Leather Pencil Skirt: H&M
Studded Belt: ASOS
Scarf: Mama's Vintage
Blazer: ASOS
Shoes: H&M
Rings: Topshop

*how to weather leather? You wear it again and again and again and again.
Tailor made joke: Care of Highstreetq8.
Not too impressive you all say?
Leave us alone, it's Sunday.


  1. Finally you stylish chickas woke up from you blogging hiberantion :) looking forward to more from you reading much more from you!!!

  2. Welcome back from your blogging hibernation!! I love spring n summer myself :) look forward to reading much more from you stylish chickas !!!