Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Spotted! Some fashionable worker types prowling the streets of Shuwaikh, Kuwait on their lunch hour (erm lunch half hour actually). A word on all the girls...freaking high street heaven! The boy on the other hand is a perfect example of "Undercover Kashkha" . This (STRAIGHT!) gentlemen saunters into the office so
inconspicuously with his D&G and his Prada, and his MULBERRY breifcase...
we want to raid his closet while he is busy at work clickitting and clackatting away on his keyboard. Is that bad? Does this make us bad people?
Um no. Because we tried to trade our japanese bowler hat for his Mulberry breifcase a few times and he refused...


Check out these fashionable duds on all: 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look
Jacket and Scarf: ASOS.COM
On Girl
Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: Zara

On Boy:
Jacket: Rando Purchase Paris
Hat: Stolen from Highstreetq8 (highstreetq8 not shown in pictures)
On Boy:
Shirt&Shoes: Dolce&Gabbana
Pants: Paul Smith

On girl:
Bag: Mommy's Vintage Christian Dior


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