Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Short

We love us some winter shorts...we actually got so excited by winter shorts that at one point in October (before our japan trip) we woke up in the middle of the night to write "BUY WINTER SHORTS-IN TERRY OR COURDORY" into our todo list.

Yes we are losers like that...

So we love these shorts spotted on a hottie fashionista...both the bag and shorts are from the awesome store that stocks some great designers! Love keeping it simple, pairing it with thick stockings and in Kuwait ladies this is the ONLY time you will be able to pull of shorts without getting stared at.
But still, do some of our more conservative readers find shorts and stocking offensive...before you all say YES...why are leggings and long tshirts (that cover all the non PG13 bits) ok but not shorts and thick stockings. Or for that matter...why are skinny jeans ok?

Jacket, shorts & bag :
Black top : Marks & Spencer
Boots : BCBG : Shoebox NY


  1. I dont think shorts are ok, a bit too much for Kuwait. But Skinny jeans are ok with a long top atleast above the knees in my opinion.

  2. i totally agree with you. just as long as we're talking about mid thigh length shorts (rather than hotshorts).. i think they are completely fine with thick stockings!
    would you know where i can find shorts from highstreet brands?